I haven't lived too long on this earth and I am no programmer or developer. I am also not a director of what we can call a start up (your company). But I know enough about product lifecycle, and I know that the mood will not be pleasant in 1-2 years. Reflex is about to hit that milestone of a game that is in development too long and needs to be marketed heavy heavy. But right now there's nothing to market because the product isn't finished.

I've played roughly 44 hours of Reflex and I know that unless you want this game to turn into another Unreal Tournament Flash [case study: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/fo...me-so-dead] or Warsow (prospering with a steady amount of people its first four to five years, playing race and all modes, and now just French/Japanese instagib clan arena servers), you need to make big moves fast.

The game started out very promising when I bought into it, a really cool map editor, a stake gun (that is now removed), and this hope that it'll be like CPMA but better and different.

Decide what your direction is and for g-d sakes take some risks. Use a shock rifle from unreal tournament if you have to, we need something refreshing.

Key features that make me wonder if you are serious:

1. No fulbright skins ... cmonnn
2. No ability to alter brightness or gamma or contrast levels (how difficult is it to alter this? Must we fiddle with our monitors, r_lm_clear, or have to enable those damning dynamic lights).
3. No zoom (no do not make us download a widget, a lot of players from all arena FPS expect some minimum zoom bind and I don't even use zoom)
4. Make those impact sparks enabled and disabled from an r_ cvar, no visual clarity widget (should be built in)
5. Fix that awful input lag that is felt on many people's mouse. Quake had a much smoother mouse on 60 fps as well as 250+ fps. I don't know if it's the feel of the game but sometimes it feels like WSW, QW, QL, and CPM are smooth as butter with raw input and this game it feels like you are being dragged down.
6. Rocket has no umph, yes it's super strong and OP at this moment on most maps but I think it really needs more splash. The splash reminds me of warsow where unless you hit directs it takes fights too long with both players missing rockets. It ruins the flow, consider making them give more splash and giving a buff to the other guns (QW style - strong rox strong shaft) or reduce the damage or speed of the rockets with more splash added.
7. Someone mentioned this on the forum and I agree, make a button for MM duels and 2v2 separate from team games with more than 4 players. The system seems to prioritize matching people at any cost and this definitely yields more 1v1 and 2v2 unless people don't highlight all the modes (too stupid or too lazy).
8. Get the rest of the unmentionables done fast. Epic Games can take its time with Unreal Flash because they are a big name and a marketing gorilla. I don't know how good your marketing team will be but when this thing goes post alpha you need to make the front page of Reddit or something. I have $100k liquid I can give you but even that will not be nearly enough for this to get big. You need a network and people need to talk.

I mentioned a lot of simple stupid shit and there's hundreds of things I didn't mention but my question to you is: are you serious about wanting to make a profit and getting this game to production. I'm game only if your game.

- cxe *now reflex community favorite?*