So I always played with just basic sens and looking for some feedback on base settings for quake champs RE: accel settings inc offset + sens cap asI missed the boat with all the debate when this stuff was being put into quake live. I don't want to use 3rd party apps like Povohats. Everything must be legit.

current settings.
win 7x64+markc accel fix applied.
logitech g403 @ 400 dpi @ factory default surface type.
QCK+ Heavy
Enhance pointer prec = off + mark 6 on the windows sens.
3.6 inside quake champs. (no accel or other settings set)

Currently getting around 25cm for 360.

Based on that info; anyone have any good settings to start off with?

I'm pretty sure not using accel+offset+sens cap is costing me frags.
So just looking to nail down these settings so I can just get on with playing.

144hz/1ms 24 inch monitor @ 1920x1080

Any good aimers which just use basic sens?

I was under the impression most people are using accel now as the arguments for not using it were based bad implementations from years ago.