Many wonder why Rapha is so smart and can time 6 items at once and why he has won 5 Quakecons they're many reasons and I think I have found the secret. He is much older than you think he was not born 1989. He is also from the 5th dimension a trans- dimensional being like him is able to choose which time he can appear in thus his ability to change his appearance throughout time with his choosing of carrier to give birth to him (It will also cover up any random human appearance given someone like me were to research them but I found a few key mistakes throughout human evolution and history.) excluding my previous reasoning of him finding the fountain of youth. In my finding I have concluding his most influential appearance known in this time period as Gao Yang born in 526 he was the first emperor of the Northern Qi by forcing Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei to yield the throne to him. I traced back even farther to the times Greek civilization all the way to the Homo-habilis Rapha shaped the way humanity is today and we should all praise him for it and his teachings throughout history. I will still keep searching for more accurate details of how he changed human history for the better but alas I know you want more important details on how this all pertains to Quake.

By doing this he set up the history to such a way that in around 1500 years he can create Quake and become what is now known as the best quake player to ever live. You may also think that could be Thresh but think not for what if Rapha is Thresh. (Just like how Fry from Futurama became his own grandfather.) Rapha impregnated some random hot Asian hippie (Who she is at the moment is currently unknown.) so that he can keep his elegant timing and equation deducing skills. At the young age of 12 when he was currently walking the earth as Thresh the original Quake god (This also concluded why Thresh stopped competing in Quake 3. In my findings I have found 541 different connections linking back to Rapha (I acquired them by numberizing his name from Shane Hendrixson taking the first 3 letters that are interchangeable by numbers S=5 A=4 I=1) the reason why I choose 3 was because he first made his name big in Quake 3.

Rapha may be a 5 dimensional being but I have seen these mistake on how relevant the number 3 is I suspect he had 3 different lives in the past 100 years to greatly influence quake being made. He had also helped originally plant the idea for Carmack to create quake by becoming Carmack's math teacher at Raytown South High School if you look at Carmack's wiki they have no explanation for why he changed schools even through his house was still in the same location I can only assume he change his schools district designation location to Raytown. By guiding him to the path of making the best fps game to ever be created. That is 2 of the 3 now the other may not be born yet or is currently walking around at this moment what he will do with the third is unknown I can only assume it is to fix quake making it even more challenging.

With all of this information it is clear Rapha has practiced quake for millions of years given his incredible skill within the game. So far to the fact that he stages himself to appear human to others by having mediocre aim thus the appearance of being human. It is also seen with Thresh known for his positioning and incredible game sense but lackluster aim. I feel Rapha will catch on me as he is a 5th dimensional being and may even wipe our 3rd dimensional history to fix his mistakes. I dont have much time I will try to solve this for the greater good of humanity. Maybe Quake is his plan to taking over this 3rd dimensional universe, maybe to give humanity the joy of quake, maybe its just because he can we may not ever know but it is my solemn duty to find the truth. I will keep you guys updated on my findings. I don't have much time I must go before he finds my true identity - Chi